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Unearthing a fresh new face

With an exciting expansion in the works, The Lincoln Museum needed a bold new look. The result is work we’re thrilled to include in our own special collection.

Lincoln Museum

The Ask

Focus on the future, honour the past.

The Lincoln Museum & Cultural Centre is steeped in history. It’s been the cornerstone of all things Lincoln but, like many unrestored relics, the bricks-and-mortar had seen better days. It was time to construct a new home and build a facility worthy of its treasures. The committee approached us looking to put a fresh coat of paint on their brand identity and reimagine their digital presence in unison with the revitalized visitor experience that was breaking ground.

Brand Identity

Branching into a new era.

Before going to the drawing board, we consulted with project stakeholders to better understand the organization’s past, present, and vision for the future. Its unique, lived experiences would be paramount to capturing the brand’s direction. After laying the groundwork, we took advantage of the valuable insights shared by the museum’s historians to uncover essential facts about the town’s original settlers, culture, and geographical history. We chose four strong elements as potential themes to inspire the new look. After sketching and exploring various concepts, the Tree of Life - emerged as the basis of the new identity. Inspired by the cultural origins of the area and the property’s iconic maple tree, the new mark incorporates abstract leaves and sturdy branches representing the generations of yesteryear. The modern palette symbolizes the collection of stories passed through the peoples and cultures of the town.

Web Design

Travelling through time in the digital space.

The museum’s online presence had been nothing more than a page on the municipal website, and digital exposure needed to be ramped up to be worthy of the new facility and brand. As its first-ever website, the new build would truly begin from square one. After gathering our preliminary research findings and client-supplied content, we started our information architecture process by preparing the content structure and user flows to nail down the overall site plan. Our micro-mini-macro approach helped us gauge a full 30,000-foot view of the content pillars, semantic landmarks and global elements.

Town of Lincoln Museum website architecture

Web Development

Constructing a sturdy foundation.

The mock-up phase is where the designs begin to shine. The brand is applied to the wireframes delivering a polished user interface with prototyped functionality to help the client visually map out the user experience. This phase also helps us identify which portions of the website the client will need to administer so we can create a beautiful publishing experience in the CMS tailored specifically to their needs. We began coding the front end with client sign-off, setting up the database, incorporating the CMS, and battle-testing the build.

The site was structured around the museum’s public events, collections, exhibitions, and community involvement. The final product beautifully captures the essence of the museum - highlighting the new brand and celebrating the new facility, all while honouring its roots with an eye for future generations!

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