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Positioning for the pursuit of perfection

We broke down a brand’s barriers to capture its full suite of services, and defined the essence of a team that is dedicated to delivering only the best.

The Violin Group

The Ask

Get the brand back together

The Violin Group approached us to refocus their brand in a way that would bring together their various verticals of business - Renewables, Electrical, Telecom, and SolarDrive. Our goal was to help their clients better navigate and understand the capabilities of this experienced team.

Our Approach

Fix the foundation

From founding namesake Mike Violin’s original sketch on a napkin, we took the team back to the beginning to polish and position the brand in a way that captured its unwavering pursuit of perfection. With a refreshed brand identity, tagline, and narrative, we developed a user-friendly website and social media strategy to communicate capabilities across the various divisions of The Violin Group.


Plugging in to perfection

Before tackling the tactics to share The Violin Group’s services, we articulated the brand’s essence in a succinct narrative and bite-sized tagline that would help position the company as experienced experts who are obsessed with every last detail. A refined logo set the stage for a full visual identity system, including colours, fonts, iconography, image styles, and more.


Projects and possibilities

With the limitless potential that comes with The Violin Group’s integrated services, we structured their new centralized website around the impressive projects that result from engaging this team. The four verticals of the brand’s business are presented with digestible descriptions, and backed up with case studies of landmark projects.

Social Media

Amplifying the signal

To show off the team’s successes and create new opportunities, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy that would allow The Violin Group to connect with the business community and share its industry-wide leadership. A team training session brought stakeholders on board to encourage authentic sharing and engagement with the brand’s social media presence, which we continue to manage.


Reflecting and reinforcing

Through a suite of branded collateral, including business cards, print design, embroidery files, trade show environments, and a special edition 10th anniversary logo, we have worked with The Violin Group to ensure their brand is picture- and pixel-perfect wherever it is placed.

What we've learned

Personifying perfection

We’ve seen the greatest successes with The Violin Group’s digital presence when we focus on the people who are pursuing perfection each day. Humanizing a professional services brand has helped position The Violin Group as approachable leaders in their industry, who care about how their work makes their community better.

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